BOSCO™ Software Affiliate Program

Find out how you can generate recurring revenue while helping businesses grow online using BOSCO™

What can a partnership with BOSCO™ offer me?

If you want to discover how your clients are performing online and how you can support them using BOSCO™, you can find out more or apply to be an agency partner using the link below.

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We want to create a network of technology partnerships collaborating to change the media buying landscape. This scheme includes a bespoke on-site widget to allow potential users to track and compare their BOSCO Index™

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We’re pleased to be able to offer our media partners unlimited access to BOSCO™ dashboards and all its reporting capabilities. We will also provide exclusive and tailored content using BOSCO™ data.

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Earn revenue

If you partner with BOSCO™, there are some major commercial benefits, with the potential to earn recurring revenue. Our partner referral structure is as follows:

Year 1: You earn 50% of the total lead

Year 2: You earn 25% of the total lead

Year 3: You earn 10% of the total lead (until the contract ends)

As a BOSCO™ partner, you could earn $5,000 to $10,000 as a minimum, with the potential to earn in excess of $20,000.

Exclusive content

We want to reward our partners for their work, so in addition to the lucrative commission structure – we’ll also offer you a wealth of content and resources. We’ll provide you with:

  • Unique analysis reports using BOSCO™ data
  • Industry league tables and trends by sector – both UK/US markets

Bespoke on-site widget

A partnership with BOSCO™ will provide a bespoke on-site widget to allow potential users to track and compare their BOSCO Index™. This won’t require a user to leave your site but if a lead is qualified from the widget, you will receive commission.

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