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BOSCO™ has been developed by a team of leading eCommerce practitioners, global digital marketing specialists and some of the most experienced data scientists in the world.

The brains behind BOSCO™

We have an intelligent team of industry specialists who can help to guide your business to succeed online. Using our decades of experience, we understand what digital marketers want to know when it comes to their online performance, and how they can overcome digital challenges.

We have some of the most experienced data scientists in the world. Using specialist data models to create a statistical analysis of your digital marketing metrics and targets. Our global practitioners have a wealth of knowledge and are specialists in the delivery of SaaS platforms.

Our skilled team of leading eCommerce practitioners understand the retail sector, analysing how the market changes in real-time. The BOSCO team are able to forecast what’s next for the industry and where you should be investing your media spend.

The BOSCO Team™

John Readman

Zdenek Burda

Dr James McKeone

Abi Liddle

Abby Cooper

Daniel Akers

Alex Jackson

Michael Thompson

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Modo25 is a global, supported in-housing and marketing technology provider, who strive to be more than just digital marketing and disrupt the traditional agency and client relationship by offering a transparent approach to data, people and technology. Set to shake up the digital world, Modo25 empower clients to realise their online potential with the use of BOSCO™.

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Modo25 partners

We are more than digital marketing.


Both Modo25 & BOSCO™ support the 1moreChild charity in Jinja, Uganda. Modo is the name of an 11 year old girl who lives in the orphanage. In the same approach to clients, Modo25 want to help Modo and other children realise their potential through the charity. This is the same thinking behind the BOSCO™ platform, which is named after the gentleman who runs the orphanages.

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