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ASK BOSCO® – The Digital Marketing Intelligence Platform2023-10-12T09:01:57+01:00

AI-powered analytics to

reduce ad spend & increase sales.

ASK BOSCO® predicts where to allocate your online spend across all channels for maximum return, enabling you to forecast future performance with 96% accuracy.
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ASK BOSCO® combines your internal marketing data with extensive algorithmic modelling to create personalised reporting dashboards.

Our easy to use interface provides a single source of truth and enables marketers to make better digital marketing spend decisions using data driven insights.

Where do you stack up against your competitors?

Using our unique ASK BOSCO® Index feature, we can rank your domain against the closest competitors in your category.

 The ASK BOSCO® Index is a measure of your online footprint and how effective you are with investment in organic and paid media channels.

 ASK BOSCO® is built on data from trusted third party domains, collected from previous digital interactions. ASK BOSCO® isn’t dependent on your marketing budget, but whether you’re reaching your online potential in paid and organic search. Try for free, input your domain below.