Data Analytics & Predictive Modelling by BOSCO™

We combine data and machine learning to help retailers be more effective with their online investment.

The data and algorithm behind BOSCO™

BOSCO™ has been developed by a team of leading eCommerce practitioners, global digital marketing specialists and some of the most experienced data scientists in the world.

Using cutting edge data science, BOSCO™ takes basic inputs which collect data from trusted data partners and a list of competitors based on your category. The machine learning then creates a portfolio of keywords which can then make budget recommendations.

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How do I use BOSCO™?

Input your domain into the search bar, select from the countries available and click analyse.

Choose your optimisation target (eg. ROAS), input your monthly budget (£50k) and AOV (£50) and select the category that best suits your business (Shoes).

A sophisticated cluster-based model assigns a portfolio of paid keywords relevant to your domain, this enables BOSCO™ to provide a recommended budget split across your digital marketing channels to deliver the desired results against your chosen targets.

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