Data Analytics & Predictive Modelling by ASK BOSCO®

We combine data and machine learning to help retailers be more effective with their online investment.

What is the ASK BOSCO® Index?

The ASK BOSCO® Index is a measure of how well you are exploiting your digital opportunities when it comes to paid and organic search.

The index is computed 0 – 1000, with 575 being the average score for brands and retailers. A score of 0 represents no online presence, a score of 1000 means a domain completely owns a niche in its competitive market.

Where do you stack up against your competitors?

The data and algorithm behind ASK BOSCO®

Using cutting edge data science, ASK BOSCO® takes inputs which collect data from our trusted data partners and a list of competitors based on the retailer’s category.

A machine learning algorithm then creates a portfolio of keywords which can then make marketing budget recommendations.

What is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics are produced by reflecting on past data to find trends, including the data’s current position to make predictions about the future. This can be done using a wide range of methods with some of the most popular being data mining, statistical methods, and machine learning.

Predictive analytics are valuable to a business as it reduces the need to be entirely reactive. We use predictive analytics to forecast how a specific campaign will perform under target and budget constraints.

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