Unlock revenue opportunities.

Make smarter decisions.

Beat the competition. 

Until now your agency, Google or Facebook had the winning hand. Now the gambling on ad spend ends.

Channel agnostic and built with data from trusted 3rd party domains collected from your historical digital interactions, BOSCO helps marketers… 

  • take back control of ad data and media spend
  • make better decisions and forecast with 95% confidence.
  • understand performance against competitors and know how to beat them online.
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Where do you stack up against your competitors?

Using our unique BOSCO™ Index feature, we can rank your domain against the closest competitors in your category.

The BOSCO Index™ is a measure of your online footprint and how effective you are with investment in organic and paid media channels.

BOSCO™ is built on data from trusted third party domains, collected from previous digital interactions. BOSCO™ isn’t dependent on your marketing budget, but whether you’re reaching your online potential in paid and organic search. Try for free below.

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