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BOSCO™ gives retailers and agencies the power of predictive marketing analytics to make more money from their digital marketing.

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Data insights and optimal budget spend

Combining your data and cutting edge machine learning, BOSCO™ analyses how much budget you are currently spending on a channel set and provides a suggestion on how much you should be spending.

Alongside your existing channels, BOSCO™ provides recommendations on where you are missing opportunities in new channels and how to redistribute your budget for maximum revenue.

Streamline your digital marketing data

BOSCO™ combines your internal marketing data with extensive algorithmic modelling to create personalised reporting dashboards and forecasting simulations.

These tailored platforms de-dupe and standardise your data, giving you a single source of truth. Using interactive trading reports and dashboards, you can see an overview of how your digital marketing is performing across all channels alongside your attribution model.

BOSCO™ Forecast

Unparalleled forecasting capabilities

BOSCO™ uses AI-powered predictive analytics that can forecast future performance and eliminate risk when it comes to campaign and media planning.

Create multiple scenarios based on your set targets to provide a detailed cost vs revenue prediction. Using data from the last seven days, BOSCO™ displays confidence intervals computed from the observed data.

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