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Welcome to BOSCO™

BOSCO™, our game-changing marketing platform, has been developed by a team of leading e-commerce practitioners, global digital marketing specialists, and experienced data scientists… including the co-founder of SkyScanner.

Backed by over £2m in investment from world-renowned tech entrepreneurs and led by a team of tech titans, BOSCO™ is revolutionizing the digital marketing world.

BOSCO AI marketing platform

How it all began.

John Readman

It all started with a single idea.💡 A spark that ignited a revolution in the digital marketing industry.

Meet John Readman, our CEO and retail expert with over 25 years’ experience growing agencies and brands. John had a bold plan to revolutionize the way agencies and brands approach their digital marketing strategies using machine learning and AI to help digital marketers know exactly where to invest their next pound, dollar, euro, or yen.

Bonamy Grimes BOSCO

Enter Bonamy Grimes, John’s friend and co-founder of SkyScanner, the UK’s first tech unicorn. Bonamy was the perfect partner for John’s vision. As the creator of the world’s best flight search engine, Bonamy understood the challenges of collating and consolidating huge amounts of data sets into one place, and the need for agencies and brands to have a more transparent view on performance and media spend.

And so, BOSCO™ was born. Just like SkyScanner did for booking flights, BOSCO™ provides media buyers and planners with the ultimate platform for choosing the right media to invest in. With advanced machine learning and AI at its core, BOSCO™ helps agencies and brands finally take control of their digital marketing.

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