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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Management


Why should I trust BOSCO™?2021-05-12T10:53:07+01:00

BOSCO™ has been developed by a global team of data scientists, digital marketers and leading retail practitioners with decades of experience and knowledge. Using specialist data models and trusted third party data to create a statistical analysis of your digital marketing metrics and targets. The BOSCO™ team are specialists in the delivery of SaaS platforms and we understand what digital marketers want to know when it comes to their online performance and how they can grow online.

What’s included with BOSCO™?2021-05-12T09:36:20+01:00

The Free BOSCO™ package enables you to benchmark your digital marketing performance against your closest three online competitors using an Index score. For more in-depth information on your digital performance, sign up for BOSCO Pro™ which provides access to the entire suite of features, from budget split predictions to organic and paid channel analysis. This package is only applicable to one user, so if you want to include the rest of your team – you’re looking for BOSCO Team™. This plan offers the same features as Pro, but you can have up to 20 users on one account.

How much does BOSCO™ cost?2021-05-12T10:52:48+01:00

You can access the BOSCO Index™ against your closest three competitors for Free, forever! If you would like to explore more of BOSCO™’s features, you can sign up to the Pro package which costs $129 per month and provides access to one user. Are you wanting to add more team members to your network? You can do this by signing up to the Team package, priced at $259 which allows up to 20 users. BOSCO™ is built on trusted third-party data and industry averages, so If you would like to connect your actual data, get in touch.

How long is a BOSCO™ trial?2021-05-12T09:36:46+01:00

For the entire month of October, we are offering the BOSCO™ platform for free! This gives you full access to all of BOSCO™’s features including a recommended budget split across your digital marketing channels to deliver the desired results against your chosen targets. The budget scenario simulator where you can explore where to allocate additional budget for maximum efficiency, as well as both SEO and PPC channel analysis. Don’t worry, when the trial ends, you can access your BOSCO Index™ for free at any time!

Do I need an account for BOSCO™?2021-05-12T10:54:09+01:00

You are not required to sign up to access your Free BOSCO Index™, but we do highly recommend you do to receive regular updates and insights on how your index is performing. We don’t ask for the earth – just a few details such as your full name and email to get started. You will need to sign up for an account if you register for the Pro, Team or Connect plans, which will allow you to submit your own metrics into BOSCO™ for more accurate insights and recommendations.

Do I have to give you my company data?2021-05-12T09:35:01+01:00

BOSCO™ only requires a few details from you in order to get started. We only need your first name, work email and domain in terms of company data but if you choose to connect your actual data, this is when you will be asked for further details, which will enable you to get the best out of this service.

Can I choose my own competitors?2021-05-10T14:24:56+01:00
BOSCO™ analyzes your domain and category in order to identify your closest three online competitors. If BOSCO™ is unable to find sufficient data on your competitors, you will be asked to submit alternatives to recalculate your BOSCO Index™. However, you will only be able to make your own selection of competitors if you are signed up to the Pro, Team or Connect plans.

Connecting your data to BOSCO™

How to create a Google Account using an existing email address2021-11-09T08:54:54+00:00

In order to use BOSCO™ Connect, you require a Google account, here’s how to set up an account.

  1. Go to the Google Account Sign In page  
  2. Click Create Account 
  3. Enter your name 
  4. Click Use my current email address instead 
  5. Enter your current email address
  6. Click next
  7. Verify your email address with the code sent to your existing email
  8. Click Verify 
How to connect to Google Analytics2021-11-09T08:54:00+00:00
  1. Sign into Data Studio  
  2. In the top left, click the Plus then select Data Source.
  3. Select the Analytics connector.
  4. If prompted to grant Data Studio access to your account, click Authorise.
  5. Select an account.
  6. Select a property.
  7. To connect to Universal Analytics (Web), select a view.
  8. In the upper right, click Connect. 
    1. The data source fields panel appears.
    2. The data source is now connected to your data set.
How to add Google Search Console to BOSCO™2021-11-09T08:44:42+00:00

In order to use BOSCO™ Connect, we require access to your Google Search Console account to get a better understanding of your SEO performance.

  1. Select which property you want to give access to. 
  2. Click settings on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  3. Select Users and Permissions. 
  4. Select Add User. 
  5. Add the email: 
How to add Google Ads to BOSCO™2021-11-09T08:43:09+00:00

In order to use BOSCO™ Connect we require access to your Google Ads data to better understand your marketing mix. 

  1. Go to Tools and Settings.
  2. Go to Access and Security under Setup.
  3. Make sure you’re in Users.
  4. Press the Blue add symbol.
  5. Add the email: 
  6. Select Read Only privileges.
  7. Send Invitation.
How to add Facebook Ads to BOSCO™2021-11-09T08:40:53+00:00

In order to use BOSCO™ Connect, we require access to your Facebook Ads to get a better understanding of your marketing mix. 

  1. Log into Facebook Business Manager: 
  2. Visit Business Setting 
  3. Select Partners from the Users menu on the left-hand side of the screen 
  4. Select +Add 
  5. Then Select “Give a partner access to your assets”
  6. Enter our FB business ID: 947369115638421 
  7. Add us to all relevant assets.
    1. Page, Ad Account and Pixel.
    2. Please provide us with Admin Access.
  8. Save changes.
How to add Bing Ads to BOSCO™2021-11-09T08:30:19+00:00

In order to use BOSCO™ Connect we require access to your Bing Ads to get a better understanding of your marketing mix. 

  1. Select Tools from the global menu 
  2. Select Account Access from the dropdown menu 
  3. Click User Management from the main menu 
  4. Click Invite user from the User Management page 
  5. Add 
  6. Click send 

How to find your Bing Ads ID 

This is how you can find your Bing Ads ID. It should be 10 characters long.