BOSCO Connect

Connecting your actual data makes BOSCO™ completely bespoke to you and your business.

Why should I connect my data?

Connecting your data gives you a full BOSCO™ dashboard that is bespoke to your business. A personalised dashboard allows you to choose which aspects of your online performance you would like to track. You will also be sent a monthly report of how your website is performing.

BOSCO™ uses sophisticated data models and machine learning to provide recommended budget splits, as well as a scenario simulator to explore how different spends will work out. Using this data, BOSCO™ will estimate how this will affect performance for the next calendar month.

If you sign up for the BOSCO Connect™ plan, you will be given an indepth onboarding programme tailored to your business. Our specialist team will demonstrate how to use BOSCO™’s features, as well as provide the necessary training so you can get the best out of BOSCO™.