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BOSCO™ Index2022-05-24T11:19:28+01:00

BOSCO™ Index

The BOSCO Index™ is a measure of your online footprint and how effective you are with investment in organic and paid media channels. Enter your domain to discover your score:

What is the BOSCO™ Index?

The BOSCO™ Index is built on data from trusted third party domains, collected from previous digital interactions. Each domain is scored from 0-1000 and are typically observed in the 500-700 range with higher scores representing market leaders.

Retailers with lower scores tend to be smaller scale, new market entrants. A score of 0 represents no online presence, a score of 1000 means a domain completely owns a niche in its competitive market.

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US Furniture League Table

Latest standings

Industry: US Furniture

A trend previously seen in the fashion sector, we’re seeing big name furniture brands shift their strategy towards rental, particularly with the importance of sustainability and consumer interest in brands that are environmentally conscious.

The furniture industry is forever changing where trends come and go in both style and substance.

We scored ten leading US furniture retailers for the months of June to July. Here’s how the top five ranked on the BOSCO™ Index league table. Download the league table below to see the full results.

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  • US Furniture League Table