Introducing ASK BOSCO®’s Agency Reporting functionality! This addition to the reporting suite has been specifically developed to help agency leaders. The new dashboard and reporting functionality provides a collated view of all agency clients into one page, along with each client’s individual online marketing KPIs and performance. By providing a daily performance overview of all agency clients in one place, it’s easier to spot issues, stay proactive – and celebrate client successes! Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch our 3-minute video walkthrough of the Agency Reporting view.

Features of the Agency report/dashboard:

1. Metric Change Table:

A single-view dashboard showing top performance metrics such as revenue, sales, cost and sessions on a daily basis of all your clients.

This table provides a quick overview of client metrics, focusing on changes and highlighting any concerns. Metrics including Sessions, Cost, Conversions/Leads and Revenue.  Columns can be sorted based on actual change or percentage change.  The table also allows you to drill down into specific client data to identify which channels are driving changes, helping you to spot performance issues.

Metric change table ASK BOSCO agency reporting

 2) Agency Overview Table:

This table offers a comprehensive overview of client metrics across different dimensions.

Data can be sorted by any column, for easy comparison and analysis. The table also includes the ASK BOSCO® Index, providing a holistic view of client/agency performance. NB: Columns such as Cost and Revenue don’t have currency symbols in order to support global client coverage – there is a separate currency column to clarify this aspect.

Agency Overview Table

3. Agency Drill Down Table:

This table provides a deeper dive into client metrics, particularly at the channel level, offering granular insights into performance. Similar to the Agency Overview, the Drill Down table allows a more detailed analysis of client performance at a more specific level.

Agency drill down


What can Agency Leaders gain from this level of Agency Client reporting?

GREATER VISIBILITY: Agency leaders including Founders, CEOs, COOs, Directors, and Operational Leads will gain a greater level of transparency on how all their clients are performing and save time with this new dashboard and report.

IMPROVED EFFICIENCY: Saves time by streamlining reporting and team meetings through a consolidated view of client metrics.

PROACTIVE MONITORING: Enables teams to proactively address performance issues with all relevant data readily available.

COMPETITIVE EDGE: Empowers leaders to stay ahead of the game by leveraging actionable insights from the dashboard.

Watch our 3-minute walkthrough of the ASK BOSCO® Agency Reporting feature:

Watch below or on our Youtube channel here.