Technology is powering more business growth around the world than ever before. And new consumer behaviours are redefining the role technology plays in everyday life. That was the theme of this year’s Google Marketing Live, driving results today and building resilience for tomorrow. With so much information to take in, we’ve rounded up some of the key shopping updates which matter most to eCommerce businesses.

Checkout merchant 

In a bid to cut down the length of time it takes to convert on-site, shoppers will soon be able to checkout directly from a shopping ad. Through the listing, they’ll be able to click straight through to checkout on the website, rather than the product page. On one hand, this is less time wasted on-site, but on the other, do customers want more product images, more information, and product reviews before purchasing? 

Immersive shopping 

A new, swipeable shopping feed will allow shoppers to swipe between rich images and descriptions to learn more about products and merchants within the shopping interface.  

Product improvement recommendations 

This is a new in-platform tool to help paid search managers understand shopping performance by detecting and diagnosing issues with the advertiser’s products. The tab will highlight issues with products such as missing information, insufficient bidding and more. As paid media specialists, we think this is a great addition, as it will help us understand if visibility is lacking due to too tighter ROAS targets vs our competitors, as well as give recommendations for how to resolve the issue.  

3D Augmented reality 

Soon we’ll be able to view products in 3D, empowering us to see products ‘in real life’. The aim of this feature is to increase buyer confidence by letting the customer see the products from every angle as well as interact with them in a ‘real life’ environment. For example, viewing a cabinet in your living room before buying, without even leaving the house.

We all know how much of an important role technology plays in everyday life – from your morning coffee to your nightly tv show, and everything in between – it’s even more important to all of us. For Google Marketers, it’s such an exciting time to be in the industry and we can’t wait to see these features roll out in the future.  

Find out more about the new features from Google Marketing Live.

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