With digital marketing budgets at all-time highs, particularly after the explosion of eCommerce due to COVID-19, the risk of click fraud is now much higher. Analysing the past year and what the future of 2021 looks like, PPC Protect have released their first global click fraud report.

What the report covers

This in-depth report looks into data from PPC Protect’s database of almost 1 billion ad clicks and 100 billion data-points to unveil the key takeaways every marketer should know about click fraud and their exposure to it.

• The impact of COVID-19 on click fraud rates across different sectors

• Click fraud rates by industries & countries

• Click fraud rates by ad type

• The most common types of click fraud

• Marketer’s biggest concerns in 2020

• Click fraud industry forecasts for 2021

Who are PPC Protect?

PPC Protect are a click fraud prevention solution that helps paid search marketers ensure they only pay for legitimate clicks on their ads. Founded to specifically tackle click fraud on PPC ad networks, their platform now protects over 100,000,000 online ad clicks from click fraud every month and has generated millions in extra conversion value and revenue for its customers.

If you’re looking to optimise your PPC campaigns, BOSCO™ uses a sophisticated data model to estimate your search metrics, in order to provide a recommended channel budget split across paid, organic and marketplaces to achieve better efficiency with your digital campaigns.

If you would like to try BOSCO™ for free or for more information on how you can become a partner, register with us. If you are interested in connecting your own data, send us an email to team@askbosco.io

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