We’re excited to announce that we have recently partnered with customer experience platform specialised PRIMIS, to collaborate across their SaaS platform to benefit retailers and clients.

The partnership will see both platforms support each other in delivering an improved post-purchase consumer experience to both customers and retailers.  

PRIMIS’s mission is to improve the open interactions between the consumer and retailer to improve post-purchase customers in a way that transforms how consumers think, react, and buy online. 

Their goal is to promote final-mile communication and build lasting customer relationships. PRIMIS’s integration is simple, yet effective. The UX platform guarantees to reduce ‘where is my order’ conversation and increase communication to lead to an overall improved customer experience.  

Combined with BOSCO™, which enables retailers to use complex AI and machine learning to grow their profits. The SaaS platform connects all of a business’s internal marketing and sales data with extensive algorithmic modelling to predict which channels are the best to invest in for future success. 

Both platforms have an easy-to-use interface and reports that enable marketers to make informed digital marketing spend decisions using their data-driven insights. Allowing our clients and businesses to get better value from every pound spent on marketing and predict where to spend the next pound. 

Clients that are already utilising BOSCO™ and will benefit from the partnership with PRIMIS will include Pavers Shoes, Castore, Sigma Sports and Ski Solutions. BOSCO™ is also utilised by global digital marketing agencies in the UK and USA so that they can provide better reporting and predictions for their clients.  

Discussing the partnership with PRIMIS, our chief executive officer, John Readman, said: “As we grow and improve the capabilities and offering of BOSCO™, we will be looking for partners that we can work with whose platforms will help provide our clients with better services.   

“Partnering with PRIMIS will allow our clients to find solutions to their post-purchase issues. PRIMIS provides a Customer Experience solution focused on improving the branded & personalised customer experience to our clients across multiple touchpoints and initiatives.”  

Founder and CEO of PRIMIS, Rebecca Griffiths added: “Teaming up with BOSCO™, is the perfect collaboration for PRIMIS, our data and insight will integrate into the SaaS to give BOSCO™ clients the necessary information to improve their post-purchase experience for customers. 

“Primis is and will continue to build a customer-centric, data-driven platform; partnering with Modo25 who are able to create a further deeper dive into our retailers and consumer touch points makes our partnership special. Not only are we able to focus on the top-of-the-funnel activities, but we can now focus on the entire customer funnel when it comes to knowing what our customers want.

“I am excited to work closely with the team at BOSCO™ and Modo25 over the coming months ahead.” 

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