An estimated £8.7 billion is expected to be spent during Black Friday and Cyber Monday but with consumer confidence falling sharply compared to last year, UK retailers are under pressure to attract shoppers.

Using RetailX Europe’s list of top 100 retailers, we’ve ranked household brands with the BOSCO™ Index to measure the success of their online footprint ahead of Black Friday. As the big event approaches, which retailers are the worst and best prepared?

What is the BOSCO™ Index?

The BOSCO Index™ is a measure of your online footprint and how effective you are with investment in organic and paid media channels.

BOSCO™ is built on data from trusted third-party domains, collected from previous digital interactions. BOSCO™ isn’t dependent on your marketing budget, but on whether you’re reaching your online potential in paid and organic search.

The index is computed from 0 – 1000, with 575 being the average score for brands and retailers. The higher the BOSCO™ Index score, the more prepared a retailer is for success ahead of Black Friday 2022.

The BOSCO™ Index for the top 10 best prepared retailers

The BOSCO™ Index for the top 10 most unprepared retailers

What do these scores mean?

The retail sector is currently under a huge amount of pressure, with consumer confidence low, a cost of living crisis and retailers struggling to stay afloat – Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the ‘golden quarter’ will be a crucial period for the industry.

Retailers have been preparing for months for the upcoming retail period and are spending vast sums of money marketing to consumers. Regrettably, not everyone has been successful as others, and this will be reflected in the deals available and which shoppers will flock to.

While the BOSCO™ Index score isn’t an indicator of who will have the best deals, it does demonstrate who has put the foundations for success in place and whose marketing spend may fall short of expectations.

In a complicated consumer world, online retailers needed a toolset that eliminates both the complexity of online media and the confusion caused by competition between the different options.

Enter BOSCO™, a unified marketing dashboard that combines all the data required to predict future online performance. Book a quick demo with our team to find out more, or get started today.

Wondering what your BOSCO™ Index score is?

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