On Wednesday 27 July, we officially opened our new office in Leeds city centre and launched our new £2m MarTech platform, BOSCO™.

The Modo25 and BOSCO™ team moved into our new office at One Embankment in Leeds during lockdown, so we were unable to share the occasion with our clients and partners.

To mark the occasion, we flew the international team over from Melbourne, Prague, and Canada. As a full team, together for the first time in two years, we were excited to unveil our new office and showcase BOSCO™ to our guests.

Modo25 BOSCO launch

BOSCO™ enables retailers and agencies to use complex AI and machine learning to grow their profits. The SaaS platform connects all a business’s internal marketing and sales data with extensive algorithmic modelling to predict which channels are the best to invest in for future success.

Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Leeds City Council shared insight on the emerging and exciting technology start-up sector in Leeds. Tom recognised our growth during the pandemic and how the launch of BOSCO™ aims to help retailers, as well as support and funding from the LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership).

Stuart Paver, one of our clients and investors shared his passion for charity and the importance of purpose in business. We were also joined by Andrea Jenkyns MP, the Under-Secretary of State, Department for Education of the UK, who spoke about getting young people into work.

During the launch event, we hosted interactive sessions on using BOSCO™ for agencies and retailers with Dr James McKeone, the Principal Data Scientist who made a special appearance from Melbourne and Emily Hakner, the Associate Director of Product. In these sessions, we shared how BOSCO™ works and showcased the platform in real-time, with retail case study examples.

If you missed our launch party and would like to book a meeting with our team to discuss agency services or how BOSCO™’s AI capabilities can help your business, send us an email to team@modo25.com