“I’m still amazed at the number of people that rely on using last click as an attribution model. It’s incredibly disadvantageous and avoids opening up the whole marketing funnel.” John Readman, our CEO on attribution models.

Calling all retail and ecommerce marketers – if cracking attribution is on your list this year, you’ll find insights on how to tackle this in our “Which click wins? A guide for retailers and digital marketers on the complex science behind attribution.” whitepaper.”

Marketing attribution doesn’t just impact digital campaigns, it can also help decision makers understand what the future holds for the company.

It can be difficult to show clients or understand the value of each marketing channel, with multiple touchpoints in the customer journey, each channel plays its part. So, the question is: which marketing channel gets the credit? Was your blog responsible for the sale? Was it your Facebook Ad? Or a combination?

This whitepaper addresses what attribution is, the different types of attribution models and their pros and cons. It explores how to review your channel and campaign performance and how to decide where to spend your marketing budget next for the best ROI.

This in-depth guide to attribution offers perspectives and best practice advice from John Readman, CEO at BOSCO™, Dan Akers, Performance Director at Modo25, Mike Thompson, Lead Data Scientist at Modo25 and contributions from senior leaders in digital marketing and eCommerce including CEO and Founder at Alder & Green and Co-founder at Curate42.

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