Competitor research and understanding of the industry is one of the basic but crucial elements to running an eCommerce business. With the online space more competitive than ever, standing out to your audience is only becoming more challenging. 

There’s good news however. With the help of smart platforms and tools, you can consistently stay one step ahead of your competitor at every corner. So, what competitor insights solutions are out there that can help your business stay up to date with fast-moving competitor activity? Enter BOSCO™. 

Benchmark competitor performance 

Ever wonder how you’re doing compared to your competitors online? With more and more businesses adopting a digital-first approach, keeping track of even the smallest changes in your space can be tricky. Conducting regular competitor research can be a complex and time-consuming task.  

With the BOSCO™ Index, you can gain a top-level, holistic view of how your stack up against your competitors online performance. The index uses a score of 0 – 1000 to give you a clear representation of how well you are exploiting your digital opportunities with paid and organic search. Once you have your score, you can see how well your competitors are performing and identify areas where they are performing better, or worse, than you.  

In terms of competitor insights, the BOSCO™ Index offers unique intel that will save you and your team hours, if not days, of manual research. BOSCO also avoids the risk of human error that can happen. 

Understanding how the BOSCO™ Index works  

It might sound too good to be true, but the BOSCO™ Index is already helping well-known retail brands better understand their online presence. To produce your score, BOSCO™s AI and machine learning algorithm harnesses trusted third-party data and tools to assess the digital marketing performance of your closest competitors.

Next, BOSCO™ looks at keyword performance and mapping to let you know which keywords competitors are targeting and ranking for. And yes, this all these insights happen within one dashboard.

Using predictive analytics in your marketing  

The marketers of the future are well adept to predictive analytics and know how to best use it for performance success. If using predictive analytics is something you’re new to, the BOSCO™ Index is the perfect place to start.  

Predictive analytics are produced using past and current data to identify trends and predictions in the future. To do this, the BOSCO™ Index uses a range of methods  including data mining, statistical methods, and machine learning. 

Forecast how your digital performance 

Predictive analytics aids retailers by reducing the need for reactive marketing and instead focuses on forecasting campaign performance against different targets and budget constraints. This approach saves time, money and resources, leaving you to get on with the bigger picture.  

Wondering what your BOSCO™ Index score is? 

Want to find out more about how the BOSCO™ Index can transform your digital marketing? Let us generate your BOSCO score – it’s the first step in understanding how you’re currently performing. Enter your domain to find out.