It goes without saying that the past year has been a test for businesses, but the health and beauty sector has been hit especially hard. Despite these challenging 12 months, the market value of the health and beauty sector is still worth over $93 billion.

Some health and beauty retailers with inventory and logistics operations scaled up as a result of COVID-19 and are reporting e-commerce sales twice as high as their pre-pandemic levels. Sephora’s US online salesare reportedly up 30 percent versus 2019, as were Amazon’s beauty-product sales for the four-week period ending in April.

What is the BOSCO™ Index?

The BOSCO™ index is a measure of how well you are exploiting your digital opportunities compared to your competitors. The index is computed 0 – 1000, with 575 being the average score for retailers.

A score of 1000 would mean a domain is the only competitor in that country and category, a score of zero would mean the domain has no offering online. Using cutting edge data science, BOSCO™ pulls in third-party data for the domains to rank and compare their paid search and SEO offering and each website’s online performance.

Here’s how we scored the brands

We ranked ten leading retailers in the health and beauty sector for the months of February to March. Here’s how the top five scored on the BOSCO™ Index league table. Download the league table below to see the full results.

US Health & Beauty League Table

As the leading premium skincare brand in the US, Rodan + Fields undoubtedly topped the BOSCO™ Index league table. As a multi-level marketing company, Rodan + Fields adapted despite the global pandemic and lockdown restrictions, reporting a 5% increase in revenue from 2019.

Unprecedented circumstances meant that their annual convention, recognized as the ’Superbowl of skincare’, was held virtually in October. The convention entitled, ‘One and All’ was broadcast on their virtual channel with accompanying Facebook groups for consultants and customers to discuss the event during viewing parties.

Rodan + Fields launched their strongest campaign to date in 2019, with their Recharge range, targeting a young millennial audience. The two-month campaign generated record results with over 600k in organic reach, an Instagram AER +714% higher than the beauty benchmark and 172,000 organic views of the video. The Recharge video became Rodan + Fields’ fourth-highest performing video of all time on social and lead to record sales across the business.

Their social presence is strong, interacting with their active audience. As a multi-level marketing company, Rodan + Fields have an army of skincare vendors across the US. These consultants are referred to as the R+F community, with hundreds of social media groups where they can share tips and stories.

As well as their existing customer base, Rodan + Fields showcase lots of user generated content, such as skin diaries and glow ups. Using high quality videos and photography that’s not just driven towards selling their products.

Surprisingly, Amazon who host their own ‘beauty shop’ which offers various health and beauty brands, rank in third place on the table. Amazon is set to be one of four online giants who will account for 65% of the global health and beauty e-commerce market by 2025.

How does your business stack up on the BOSCO™ Index? BOSCO™ uses third party data and machine learning to benchmark your digital marketing performance against your closest competitors.

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Download the full league table