Last week, our CEO and founder John Readman joined Dominic Monkhouse for a chat about all things marketing, AI, cycling, and building a successful and happy workplace. Dominic is a seasoned business coach and CEO mentor.  His top 100 podcast, Mind Your F**king Business, invites experienced business people to share their wisdom with a global audience of over 11,000 top business leaders.

Podcast Highlights:

For the full podcast, please check out the video below. In the meantime, we have summarised the podcast highlights below.

John’s Journey from Business Strategy to Charity Adventures:

John talked about his journey not just into the realm of marketing AI with ASK BOSCO® and Modo25 but also as an advocate for philanthropy through his charity cycling business, Ride25. The concept behind Ride25 is to cycle from London to Sydney in 25 stages over 25 years to raise funds for an orphanage in Uganda. This idea, initially suggested by a friend as an alternative to traditional stag activities, has evolved into a journey of endurance and generosity.

John also shared one of the most profound impacts of Ride25, which is the effect it’s had on the children of the Ugandan orphanage. The funds raised have not only improved their living conditions but also inspired some to pursue cycling professionally. These efforts have led to some of the Ugandan children to represent their country in the UCI World Championships, a testament to how a well-executed charity event could foster dreams and change lives.

Modo25 and ASK BOSCO®: Navigating In-House Marketing Challenges

John talked about his venture into AI-driven marketing solutions, which stemmed from a common struggle among companies: maintaining effective in-house marketing strategies. To address this, he developed Modo25, (an agency that specialises in helping businesses in-house their digital marketing)  and ASK BOSCO® – advance AI reporting and budget planning software that helps businesses reduce online ad spend and make more money.  He talked about how he created two specialized teams of seasoned professionals and reconnected with former colleagues, include a leading data scientist to help build the software.

Revolutionizing Marketing with AI

John explained how the AI software ASK BOSCO® has simplified the complex landscape of digital marketing, helping businesses optimize their advertizing spend across various platforms. This technology not only predicts the most effective strategies but also enhances revenue while reducing costs. Such advancements have underscored the transformative power of AI in modern marketing.

The Four-Day Work Week: Boosting Productivity and Morale

John also talked about his support for progressive workplace policies, such as the four-day working week. He believes that a positive workplace culture leads to increased productivity and low employee turnover. His approach to creating a high-performing company environment is rooted in fostering a sense of community and well-being among employees.

Building Positive Workplace Relationships

In an age dominated by technology, John emphasized the importance of personal connections. He encouraged face-to-face interactions and nurturing a positive workplace environment as crucial for both personal and professional growth. He stated that this philosophy not only enhances team dynamics but also drives overall company success.

Influences and Inspirations: Books and Personal Ethos

John gave some of his top tips for inspiration from influential figures, including Zig Ziggler and Kevin Sinfield. He highly recommended ‘The Extra Mile’ by Sinfield and ‘The Multipliers’ by Liz Wiseman for their insights into leadership and personal development. He also stressed the importance of punctuality and attention to detail, viewing these traits as indicators of a strong work ethic.

John said that he measured his own success by the positive impact he could make on others. Whether it was transforming the lives of children in Uganda or providing a better start for his family, his goal was to help others succeed and make a meaningful difference in the world.

The Reality of Building AI Platforms

To finish, John talked about the significant investment of time, money, and effort required to build advanced AI platforms such as ASK BOSCO®. He was keen to debunk the myth of easy success in business, emphasizing that real achievement is the result of hard work and perseverance.

Watch the full podcast: