At ASK BOSCO®, we are committed to continuously enhancing your experience with our software We are excited to introduce our latest development that we believe will revolutionize the way you analyse data for your business growth – the all new ASK BOSCO® reporting suite.

We are introducing a gradual rollout of the new reports, directly within the ASK BOSCO® product platform. We have designed this suite with our customers’ specific needs and feedback in mind, and we can’t wait for you to explore its powerful capabilities.

What to expect from the new reports

Effortless data insights

Say goodbye to data complexity. Our new reporting suite offers streamlined, user-friendly dashboards that translate raw data from multiple sources into actionable insights. Visualise your marketing performance metrics with ease and make data-driven decisions that drive growth, no need to login to all your different marketing channels to get the data you need.

Quick updates

Stay ahead of the competition with up-to-date data. Access the latest marketing insights as they happen, enabling you to adapt to changing market dynamics swiftly. Unlike GA4, which is seeing data delays spanning from 12 to 48 hours in some cases.

Integration capabilities

Seamlessly consolidate data from various marketing channels and platforms, providing a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts all in one place. No coding required, all you need to do is provide ASK BOSCO® with access to your data source. You can see all of our data connectors here.

ASK BOSCO report

How can different team members benefit from the new reporting suite

Our new reporting suite offers insights for all levels of the business, tailoring information to specific job roles including:

CEO / CFD – C-suite level

As part of the C-suite level overview, the CEO/CFD can use ASK BOSCO® for comprehensive high-level insights, including:

Site Overview:

Impressions: Examining brand visibility.

Cost: Analysing the overall expense to the business.

Revenue: Assessing the income generated for the business.

Possibility by Channel: Understanding performance variations across different channels.

Daily Marketing Cost:

– Month-to-date budget assessment.

– Ad-hoc review and response to escalated matters.

Head of Marketing

The Head of Marketing can use ASK BOSCO®’s new reporting suite to find out more detail about the following areas:

Site Overview:

– Identifying channels with areas of concern.

– Evaluating the effectiveness of the marketing mix.

Channel Overview:

– Reviewing specific channels for anomalies.

Daily Marketing Cost:

– Monitoring performance against budget/target.

– Weekly review to adapt strategy or budgets as needed.

Paid Marketing Manager

The Paid Marketing Manager can use the reporting suite to help with the following aspects of their role:

Paid Marketing Reports:

– Reporting on the previous week/month’s performance.

– Highlighting noteworthy observations.

– Assessing campaign performance.

Daily Marketing Reports:

– Daily review to escalate or modify campaigns based on remaining budget.

Site Overview Reports:

– Evaluating performance across managed channels.

– Identifying potential tracking issues.

SEO Manager

The SEO Manager’s focus is on organic traffic and site overview and ASK BOSCO®’s new reporting suite can help in the following ways:

Organic Traffic Reports:

– Reporting on the previous month’s performance.

– Identifying noteworthy aspects.

– Analysing successful and concerning keywords.

– Assessing well-performing pages.

– Utilising SEMRush for keyword insights.

Site Overview Reports:

– Reviewing SEO against direct and referral sources.

– Analysing referral traffic from link-building activities without utm tracking.

How the rollout will work

To ensure a smooth transition from our current ASK BOSCO® platform, we are gradually releasing the BETA reporting suite to our existing customers. We are committed to providing any necessary support during this process and will offer resources, training materials, and customer support to guide our customers through these new features.

Are you ready to revolutionize your marketing?

We always value feedback from our customers as it plays a pivotal role in shaping our products and services. If you’d like to explore our new reporting suite or to learn more on how ASK BOSCO® could revolutionise your digital marketing, get in touch by sending us an email to