With 64.4% of consumers clicking on Google ads while online shopping, the potential is huge. When running a paid search campaign, you can see the results in real-time. Compare this to an SEO campaign which could take months to yield results, it’s no surprise that PPC marketing is on the rise. Here are our top tips to creating winning PPC ads.

Check the volume of your keywords

Once you’ve decided on your ad’s purpose and general concept, you’ll need to create a list of seed keywords. These are essentially a collection of relevant keywords to your topic. Then, you will need to whittle out the less useful ones.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner or SEMrush can help you here. Both platforms tell you the search volume, trends and other data behind your keywords.

Organise your keywords into groups

As a general rule, keywords with higher traffic tend to also have a higher cost per click than lower traffic keywords. That’s why it’s a good idea to try to target long-tail keywords which are still highly relevant but less competitive. Long-tail keywords are keywords that look more like a statement or a question rather than two or even single-word keywords.

Once you’ve got your core keywords, it’s a good idea to group them into categories. For example, competitor terms, branded terms, generic terms and related terms. The more specific you are with your ad groups, the easier it will be to measure keyword performance. Similarly, you can tweak targeted keywords groups and even continue to make them more specific and therefore relevant.

Work backwards from your budget limit

As we know, some keywords have a higher cost per click than others. That’s why it’s important to start with a budget first and work backwards from there. It’s ineffective to pick a highly competitive keyword and scramble around the find the budget for it later. Instead, know your limits and how much you are willing to spend bidding on any given keyword.

Create incredible ad copy

Understanding the process behind creating a PPC ad can be fairly straight forward. However, crafting the perfect copy that actually gets people to interact with your ad can be difficult.

For starters, you want to create an attention-grabbing headline. Easier said than done. The intensely competitive nature of PPC means you need to stand out. So, semantics is your new best friend.

Keep it snappy and to the point. You only have a short amount of time to appeal to a consumer, who wants to know about a specific product or service. This is where you can put your keyword research into good use.

You should also include what makes you different. For example, do you offer an extended return period or free delivery? These are all essential selling points that can catch a user’s attention. Finally, make sure to use a call to action. For example, ‘order now’ or ‘buy now”. This incentivises the user to take an action which, of course, we hope will be a click-through your ad.

BOSCO™ uses a sophisticated data model to estimate your search metrics, in order to provide a recommended channel budget split across paid, organic and marketplaces to achieve better efficiency with your digital campaigns.

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