We recently welcomed over 50 of the fastest growing agencies and in-house teams in the UK to an AI-focused breakfast workshop held at the Drum Labs in London. This was a fantastic event where industry experts helped to distil the noise around AI and offered some practical advice and food for thought (over a breakfast sandwich) about how AI can help agencies and in-house teams and brands grow and scale.

During this two-hour session, we shared use cases of AI in agencies and in-house teams, and uncovered how you too can harness these new technologies.

The session was hosted by our CEO John Readman, and we were joined by the following guest panellists:

Martin Ward – Waypoint Partners

Duncan Gledhill – Email Movers

Gordon Young – The Drum

André Brown – Advanced Commerce

Armando Janigro – Kleecks

Jane Reeve – Kleecks

We kicked off the day with a song written by AI. Gordon Young, Editor in Chief at The Drum asked ChatGPT to write him a song to perform in the style of Jonny Cash.

Keynote: Is 2023 the year of AI in marketing?

The keynote was delivered by Martin Ward, an AI expert with 30+ years’ experience in enterprise technology across EMEA. He is an alumnus of MIT, IESE and Imperial College and is a serial angel investor and start-up mentor across MarTech, customer analytics, machine learning and FinTech.

His keynote considered whether 2023 was the year of AI in Marketing. Martin reminded us that AI (or machine learning as he prefers to call it) has been around for centuries, whether that be in the form of magic, chess boards or more recently, for example, AI re-creating Donald Trump’s voice and reading the ‘3 little pigs’ story!

Artificial intelligence more specifically been around in marketing for years, and used in analytics, insight, forecasting, personalization, optimization, generation, interaction and more.

The key takeaways from Martin’s keynote were:

  • Next level machine learning capabilities are here now. Agencies and in-house teams need to start harnessing them.
  • More of the execution of agencies/in-house teams will be automated.
  • Exponential change will start to bite.
  • Machine learning/AI is not (totally) replacing human judgement.
  • Machines cannot predict everything.
  • Human connection is even more important.
  • The bottom line? Agencies and in-house teams need to understand AI and its implications. Now!

Time for some AI Q&A

After our panel discussion, we opened the floor to any questions for our expert panellists. Most of the conversation and questions were about bias in AI, particularly location and country specific.

A big thank you to our panellists for taking part and for their continued support. The recording can be watched here.

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We will be hosting more of these workshops in the future, if you’d like to take part or you just want to be the first to know when the next date is, drop us an email to team@askbosco.io and we’ll put your name on the waiting list.