ASK BOSCO® has won a Silver award for Innovation at the UK Paid Media Awards 2024.  Director of Product Emily Hakner and Performance Consultant Phil Wright attended the ceremony at the Montcalm hotel in Marble Arch to collect the award.

ASK BOSCO®’s entry at the UK Paid Media Awards

innovation award UK Paid Media Our entry highlighted how ASK BOSCO®’s innovative reporting and AI forecasting platform revolutionizes the way that paid media teams and digital agencies work, leading to enhanced results, both in terms of efficiences and increased ROI.  The judges were looking for game-changing tools and innovative technology that disrupts and improves the way people work – and clearly ASK BOSCO® ticked those boxes!

ASK BOSCO® enables digital marketers to connect and consolidate all their marketing data,  report, plan budgets and forecast – all in one platform.  By offering a data-led, agnostic view on allocating media spend, ASK BOSCO® ensures that brands, retailers and agencies make better, data-driven decisions on where to allocate their digital marketing budgets for maximum return.

“The award speaks volumes about our innovative platform”

Emily Hakner, Director of Product at ASK BOSCO® commented:

“Being acknowledged in the Innovation Category at the UK Paid Media Awards 2024 is a fantastic achievement for the whole team at ASK BOSCO®. The award speaks volumes about our innovative platform and its capacity to empower online retailers and agencies to make better, data-driven decisions on their digital marketing spend.  ASK BOSCO®’s advanced AI and machine learning offers an agnostic guide on where to allocate marketing budgets for maximum impact, whether that’s in euros, pounds or dollars – and in an age of too much data and not enough time, it’s an invaluable resource for anyone involved in digital marketing.”

This award is a testament to the incredible work that our team has achieved in creating such a cutting-edge AI platform that enables our clients to get the most value from their online marketing.

If you’d like to find out more about how ASK BOSCO® can help your business or marketing team, whether that’s to speed up your reporting or enabling you to create scenario based media budgets, please get in touch at