Last week, we had the honour of hosting ASK BOSCO® Live, an incredible gathering of industry leaders, AI enthusiasts, agency owners and in-house teams at the Homegrown Members’ Club in London.  The event was centred around how to Make Data Your Biggest Asset: In a world full of data, we highlighted the essential metrics and data techniques you should be focusing on to allow you to make better, data-driven decisions within the digital landscape.  

We brought together a team of industry specialists who shared their knowledge and experience in data analytics, digital metrics, and e-commerce. The event wasn’t just about theory though, our attendees left the session with actionable strategies and techniques that they can now implement to drive growth and success in their businesses. 

Attendees were able to connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, challenges, and expand their network, all with a drink in hand and snacking on some tasty nibbles! 


Trusting the numbers – is your ad platform data telling you the whole story?


Adam Knight, VP of Product at Lunio, kicked off the series of insightful talks and discussions with an insightful conversation around whether to trust the numbers – how do you know if your ad platform data is telling you the whole story?  

“Did you know, 75% of UK marketers admit to knowing their team has customer data inefficiencies, which are hindering their marketing efforts, and 61% don’t feel they know how to get the most out of their marketing data” 

Source: TreasureData 

Adam ran through some top tips to gain trust, including:  

  • Align Incentives: Partner with those who share your goals. 
  • Demand Transparency: Use tools that provide visibility and control over your data. 
  • Enhance Data Quality: Optimize AI by improving data quality. 
  • Rely on Your Insights: Consider external data for a comprehensive view. 
  • Seek Validation: Look for suppliers with proven success in similar cases. 

Thanks Adam for this super enlightening talk – we truly learned a lot!  


Consumer Trends: Performance via Data Signals 

Diana Golovko, Senior Sales Channel Manager at SimilarWeb, delved into the world of data signals. She explained how companies’ business performance, brand health, product-market fit, marketing cost efficiency, customer monetisation & retention are all correlated with digital data signals.   

Diana ran through an interesting comparison of the digital performance of Wilko vs Shien – pointing to the signals that had led to the former company’s demise and the apparent success of Shien in comparison. 

The key takeaways Diana mentioned include 2 crucial actions that can help you to understand which data signals to track:  

  • Look for correlations between Digital Data and KPIs that define success in your category 
  • Track your market share, ranking position, or competitors’ activities within the defined KPIs    

Thanks Diana for your insightful presentation! 

Using AI to reduce your online ad spend and make better, data-driven decisions 

Dr Rosie Beeston and Emily Hakner – ASK BOSCO® 

Emily and Rosie

Our very own Director of Product Emily Hakner and Data Scientist Dr Rosie Beeston took to the stage to discuss how you can utilise AI to reduce your online ad spend and make better, data-driven decisions.  

They kicked off the talk with what seems to be the point leading most conversations when it comes to AI – is it going to replace our jobs?  

However, humans have a habit of panicking over new avenues of technology. In today’s digital world, we are overwhelmed by the amount of data that is presented to us, which is exactly where AI comes in, to help us sift through the data to find what is important.  

Around 25% of most marketing ad spend is wasted, as less than 1/3 of marketers have a robust attribution model. It’s difficult to understand where to invest your money if you don’t have the full view of what is happening – but that is where the ASK BOSCO® platform can help.   

As Emily so eloquently put it – “Humans are terrible at predictions.  Machines are not”.  


Fireside chat: Taking an AI lead on reporting and forecasting as a large agency 

Visualsoft X ASK BOSCO

Joining us from Visualsoft was Director of Sales, Daniel Dixon who – along with our CEO & Founder John Readman – talked through how using ASK BOSCO® within their business has massively helped them out by speeding up their reporting processes. 

Daniel explained that by tapping into the power of AI-driven functions, you can save heaps of time on those lengthy reporting tasks. ASK BOSCO’s advanced analytics and predictive features makes it a breeze to gather and understand your data, giving you quick and accurate insights. With this dynamic duo on their side, Visualsoft were able to make informed decisions in no time, boosting their overall efficiency and performance.  

Great to hear from Daniel on how ASK BOSCO® has provided Visualsoft with a more streamlined and friendly reporting experience! 

Improve your PPC Quality Scores and SEO Visibility through A/B testing your website 

Our very own Head of CRO, Luke McDermott, took to the stage and delved into an insightful discussion on the strategies for enhancing Quality Score (QS) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) visibility through the implementation of A/B testing for your website.  

Luke emphasized the pivotal role of A/B testing in refining website elements and content to optimize user experience and engagement. By systematically testing different variations of web pages, businesses can gain valuable insights into user preferences, which can ultimately lead to improved QS and heightened SEO visibility. 

Thanks for the insights Luke! 

Navigating the real eCommerce war – a Ukrainian story of eCommerce success 

Concluding the series of talks was a powerful and emotional talk from Yev Lukash, owner of SnoozeWorld. 

Yev explained her story and the events leading up to her success with her eCommerce business here in the UK, and everything she endured to get to where she is today.  

Yev launched Evgakids, a clothing brand whilst she still lived in Ukraine, which grew to be immensely successful even in the face of personal struggles and political upheaval.  

Starting with a small investment, she quickly built a thriving children’s clothing brand with over 200 employees. Her transparent marketing strategies and engaging social media content resonated with her audience, propelling her business forward. 

However, the escalation of the war forced Yevheniia to leave her thriving business behind and resettle in the U.K with her children. Undeterred by the upheaval, she embarked on a new venture, offering a comprehensive program to empower Ukrainian women in leveraging Instagram for business growth. Since, she has set up a new business – SnoozeWorld – which has seen great success.  

She left us deeply moved, finishing off with empowering words which serve as a testament to her indomitable entrepreneurial spirit. She urged us to embrace life’s moments, stay adaptable, and cherish what we have. 

Yev’s talk will stay with us forever – we’re so thankful to her for coming along and sharing her story.  

…And to finish 

To top off the event, we included a short and fun quiz at the end to test people’s knowledge (congrats to the winner!), followed by networking opportunities and some tasty nibbles and drinks to round up what was a lively and valuable event. Thanks again to all of our speakers and everyone who came along! 

If you would like to speak to us about anything we discussed at ASK BOSCO® Live, feel free to drop us an email to or if you’d like to find out how we can save you tonnes of time and make you more money with our marketing AI platform and see how it works, book a quick call with our team.