The online retailers setting the trend in the supplements industry:

Each month, we run the scoring for a league table in a particular industry, using our ASK BOSCO® competitor benchmarking feature within the ASK BOSCO® platform to evaluate the performance of various retailers in both organic and paid search. This month, we focused on the market for supplements / meal replacements.   

What does the online supplements sector currently look like?

According to Mintel, the current cost of living crisis has prompted 40% of users to either reduce or stop using supplements in recent years. Despite this, due to rising inflation, the sector has grown in value and the sector is expected to grow another 10% from now until 2028.

In a highly competitive landscape, it is essential for supplements and meal replacement brands to differentiate themselves. Their success relies on their use of innovative digital marketing techniques spanning paid search, paid social, organic search, and influencer/brand ambassador collaborations. Many brands have also embraced a subscription-based model, boosting the value of their marketing efforts through recurring orders and increased customer lifetime value as well as securing listings in major supermarkets in the UK.

What is the ASK BOSCO® Index? 

Do you want to know how your brand compares to the competition online? The ASK BOSCO® Index is the perfect feature for measuring your digital presence and assessing the effectiveness of your investments in organic and paid media channels.  Check out your score here. 

Unlike other metrics that only consider your marketing budget, the ASK BOSCO® Index considers your potential in both paid and organic search. It provides an accurate overview of your online performance based on your previous digital interactions by analyzing data from trusted third-party sources.  

What is a good ASK BOSCO® Index score? It ranges from 0 to 1000, with the average score for brands and retailers being around 575. The higher your score, the better your online performance as a retailer. Think of it as your credit score for your digital marketing. 

Here’s how we scored the brands 

We scored ten leading UK supplement retailers.  Here’s how the top five ranked on the ASK BOSCO® Index league table. Download the league table below to see the full results and see who the remaining five supplement retailers are.   


ASK BOSCO Index Supplements

What do these scores mean?  

In joint top spot on the ASK BOSCO® league table this month are Huel and Yfood, both with an impressive score of 746. 

Huel (backed by Dragon’s Den star Stephen Bartlett) has experienced notable growth, affirming its position as a key player in the supplements market. It’s successfully leveraged its paid and organic marketing by using strategic partnerships, influential brand ambassadors, and engaging social media campaigns – mastering the art of understanding and connecting with the target audience.  Similarly, German-owned Yfood has seen massive growth in the UK in the last year, securing major listings including Tesco. Established in 2017, it’s become one of the fastest-growing food start-ups in Europe.     

If you’d like to know more about the ASK BOSCO® index and find out where your brand sits on our league table rankings, simply get in touch with us at – we’d love to hear from you.  

Download the Top 10 ASK BOSCO® Index here: