On Thursday 8th June, we had the honour of hosting a fabulous gathering of industry leaders, AI enthusiasts, agency owners and in-house teams who came together for our AI breakfast workshop held at over at our friends’ amazing new Lunio office in Manchester.

The event was a hub of insightful discussions, thought-provoking presentations, and a captivating keynote – all washed down with plenty of tea, coffee and breakfast sarnies.

During the workshop, we delved into the current noise around AI, the incredible speed at which it has taken hold and also the future of AI. We also tackled pressing topics such as AI regulation and AI bots, and explored using AI to predict where to allocate our online marketing spend.

Gordon Young: The Drum’s Editor in Chief’s musical Interlude

We kicked off the event with a rendition of Gordon Young’s ‘Death of the Copywriter’ song written in the style of Johnny Cash – and of course, written by ChatGPT.  What Gordon makes up for in melodic tone, he certainly makes up for in enthusiasm (!) and despite the fun and frolics, there was a very important message in the lyrics with relation to the impending doom that a lot of creatives are feeling with the take up of AI in this space.

The Keynote Speech: Generative AI:

Roy Murphy, owner of Synthetic Agency, kicked off the event with fascinating keynote speech on Generative AI. His insights shed light on the cutting-edge advancements and potential of AI algorithms in generating realistic and stunning content from scratch. Blurring the human and AI-generated creations, big brands such as Coca Cola have started using AI generated images in their campaigns and Roy commented that this is just the start of AI’s potential in the creative space – and agency owners and in-house teams need to test and explore its possibilities now before they get left behind.

The AI Experts’ Panel: Perspectives on AI Bots, Regulation, and Predictive Algorithms

The event was further enriched by a panel discussion featuring the fabulous brains of Dan Sodergren, Leonardo Pizarro, and our very own Emily Hakner and John Readman from Ask BOSCO®. The panelists shared their expertise and engaged in insightful conversations on diverse AI-focused topics. From the impact of AI bots on the quality of your data, to AI being the fifth revolution, to task automation and the contentious issue around regulation to ensure ethical AI systems. We also delved into the capabilities of AI algorithms in predicting our online future, used by the ASK BOSCO marketing platform.

Each speaker showcases the immense potential AI holds for shaping our digital experiences and, despite a lot of scaremongering in the news, were generally upbeat about AI – with the general feeling that ‘the genie has been released from the bottle’.


The Q&A discussion brought up several new topics, including how to engage your team into using AI – one recommendation was to run an AI competition to see who was using AI to its best capabilities within each team. The questions also covered the current state of the education system and the fact that our children’s education is not really preparing them for the world ahead, given we are now in a new AI age.

The AI event proved to be a great platform for sharing knowledge, insights, and innovative ideas surrounding the future of AI. There was lots of note scribbling from the attendees and we all gained a lot of new knowledge and insight into the fascinating new world of AI.

If you would like to speak to us about anything we discussed at our AI event, feel free to drop us an email to team@askbosco.io or if you’d like to find out how we can save you tonnes of time and make you more money with our marketing AI platform, book a quick call with our team.