Ready or not, Google Analytics is sunsetting next year. Google has announced that Universal Analytics will be replaced with a new version called GA4. Google claims GA4 will use advanced machine learning to provide more intelligent insights to improve your marketing decisions but are you prepared to make the switch?

Our CEO and Founder John Readman was joined by Modo25’s Lead Data Scientist, Mike Thompson to discuss the transition over to GA4 and how to use the platform effectively.

To kick off the webinar, John shared a poll and asked the audience whether they had migrated over to GA4 and 69% of the audience had already migrated over. Through audience participation, it was clear the majority were looking for tips and tricks from our inhouse data expert.

Questioned our Data Scientist on the biggest changes in GA4, the new features Google have introduced, how he would approach the transition to GA4 and attribution modelling.

On the topic of attribution, Mike said, “By default, the model is data-driven and Google are saying that this is the one you should be using. My concern about this is that you don’t really know what it’s doing. The other models are standard, linear, last click etc.

From my experience, its being able to understand what is happening with attribution so you can easily explain to the wider business, especially the people who look after the budgets.”

Here are Mike’s three key takeaways from the session:

  1. Set up and migrate as soon as possible, to gain the YoY comparison.
  2. Check your UTM tracking to make sure everything is set up correctly.
  3. Get your head around GA4 and start learning how it all works before it officially takes over.

Watch the full webinar below.

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