Over the past few years, the sportswear sector has witnessed a remarkable change, driven by a confluence of factors that have shaped the industry landscape. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, sportswear companies have demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability, capitalising on shifting consumer trends, and embracing innovation.

The intersection of fashion and functionality has continued to propel the market forward, with a growing emphasis on sustainable practices and inclusivity. From the rise of athleisure to the resurgence of retro designs, the sportswear sector has undergone a dynamic transformation, redefining the way we perceive and engage with athletic apparel.

Using our unique BOSCO™ Index, we ranked the online performance of ten leading sportswear retailers.

What is the BOSCO™ Index?

Have you ever wondered how well your brand is performing online compared to your competitors? Look no further than the BOSCO Index™, the ultimate measure of your digital footprint and effectiveness in investing in organic and paid media channels.

Unlike other metrics that rely solely on your marketing budget, the BOSCO™ Index is based on your online potential in both paid and organic search. Using data from trusted third-party domains, it analyses your previous digital interactions to provide an accurate snapshot of your online performance.

So, what’s a good BOSCO™ Index score? The scale ranges from 0-1000, with the average score for brands and retailers sitting at 575. The higher your score, the better your online performance as a retailer. Think of it as the credit score of digital marketing.

Here’s how we scored the brands

We scored ten leading UK sportswear retailers for the month of April. Here’s how the top five ranked on the BOSCO™ Index league table. Download the league table below to see the full results.

What do these scores mean?

JD Sports has recently achieved their best ever profits, paving the way for its ambitious five-year growth strategy. With a keen focus on expanding into North American and European markets, the company is poised for success. As part of its expansion plan, JD Sports aims to open an impressive number of new stores each year, ranging between 250 to 350. In addition to strategic expansion, JD Sports launched an exciting marketing campaign called “King of the Game.” This campaign has garnered attention by involving popular influencers, sports stars, and music artists. However, one notable participant, KSI, faced repercussions as he was banned from social media for failing to indicate that his post was an advertisement. Despite this setback, JD Sports remains steadfast in its pursuit of growth and maintaining its position as a leading force in the retail industry.

Closely following JD Sports in the sportswear industry is Sports Direct, who have recently embarked on an innovative campaign, “Feet of the Future,” which is a partnership with applied futurist, Tom Cheesewright, to predict how human feet will change over the next 100 years and design perfect trainers for them. The campaign highlights the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the retail industry. In line with their dedication to enhancing the customer experience, Sports Direct has introduced convenient drop-off points for online orders. This new feature allows customers to easily return or collect their purchases, making the shopping process more seamless and efficient.

Sports Direct has unveiled a state-of-the-art flagship store in Manchester, powered by the latest in tech advancements. This futuristic store aims to provide customers with a unique and immersive shopping experience, blending technology and retail seamlessly. Sports Direct’s forward-thinking initiatives solidify their position as an industry leader, continuously striving to revolutionise the way we shop.

Download the full league table