Digital marketing is constantly evolving, which means you sometimes need to try new tactics or develop existing skills to stay ahead of the market. In the hope of staying at the top of your game, mistakes can easily be made. We’ve identified five common mistakes when it comes to performance and how you can resolve them.

1. No conversion measurements or tracking

It’s vital to track and measure how you are performing to understand the cost. If you’re not setting up tracking pixels in Facebook or pulling in the conversions and their value into Google Ads, then these platforms have nothing to optimize towards and you will quickly waste budget.

2. Using broad keywords and not utilizing negatives

If you want to target a specific customer, we would avoid using broad match keywords. These are a default option for campaigns and appear when a user’s search query contains your chosen broad term (shoes, dress, etc.) in any order and possibly with other keywords. This can lead to irrelevant terms and a lot of wasted spend. Similarly, this will be the case if you avoid using negative terms that you don’t want to be triggered by your customer.

3. Standardized view on paid performance

We’ve all been there, you manage Google Ads, Bing, Amazon, Facebook for your clients but you’re asked how your digital marketing is performing? A common mistake is trying to juggle too many plates and understand and interpret all of the different metrics through various channels. Focus on each platform as a separate entity. Using different platform measurements muddies the water at best and wastes significant budget at worst.

4. Not taking advantage of customer data

Many marketers start or continue digital campaigns without utilizing the data they already have on their customers. If your business collects customer data in a GDPR compliant way, then you should use it to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns; many businesses never realize the full strength of the data they already have in their repertoire.

5. Verifying affiliate sales

Affiliates can be a brand’s secret weapon when it comes to online advertising. However, this channel is renowned for being difficult to prove incrementality. One key mistake is paying your affiliates for their work without verifying the transactions. If you take returns and you’re not removing them from your affiliate pay-outs, then you could be wasting thousands through your affiliate program.

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