Beat the competition.

ASK BOSCO®’s competitor benchmarking feature provides comprehensive insights so you can compare and monitor your performance against your key competitors. Pinpoint valuable opportunities and gain strategies to beat the competition. Find out how:

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A one-stop-shop for competitor benchmarking.

Identify areas to outperform.

Evaluate your performance against your competitors in four key categories: Paid Search, SEO, Other Digital Marketing, and Website Health. Then drill into the details to identify areas where you excel and areas for improvement. Access historical data to track your and your competitors’ progress over time.

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How the scores are calculated

The ASK BOSCO® index evaluates your and your competitors’ performance across four key categories: Paid Search, SEO, Other Digital Marketing, and Website Health. You receive scores for each key category, as well as an ‘Overall ASK BOSCO® Index Score’, which is determined by combining scores from all four key metrics.

Key performance indicators for benchmarking.

We evaluate your website’s traffic, value, market share, and onsite engagement from paid digital marketing efforts. This includes PPC, Shopping Ads, and Display Ads displayed on search engines including Google and Bing.

We analyze your website’s traffic, value, market share, and onsite engagement generated from organic digital marketing activities. This includes search engines such as Google and Bing.

We measure the effectiveness of your non-paid and non-traditionally organic traffic sources, including email, direct, social media, and referrals. We look at onsite engagement metrics and the volume of traffic from these sources to your website.

We analyze your website’s overall health using Google Lighthouse. Including Accessibility, Google Best Practices, SEO Score, and Performance Score. Metrics such as site speed contribute to generating this score, ensuring a holistic assessment of your website’s performance.

ASK BOSCO competitor benchmarking
An ASK BOSCO® Index score of 400-600 indicates good performance compared to your competitors. Scores above 600 signify exceptional performance, while scores below 400 suggest room for improvement.
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See the feature in action

Our Product Specialist guides you through a 2-min walkthrough of the Competitor Benchmarking feature on ASK BOSCO® AI Marketing platform.

“It’d be easy to assume that we’re making the right marketing decisions because our sales are good, but when we see where we stand against our competitors on the ASK BOSCO® Index, it verifies that we’re making the right marketing decisions.  It’s also really useful to share with the leadership team”

Gary Leader, Chief Marketing Officer – Leader Doors

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