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Why choose ASK BOSCO® over Google Analytics 4?

Skip the clutter of GA4 metrics and views. ASK BOSCO® streamlines your marketing reports and offers unmatched forecasting for smarter data-driven decisions

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  • Full data control: Omni-channel reporting views. No need to login to multiple accounts.

  • Multiple sale types: Switch between GA4, platform and attribution conversion data with ease – all in one place.

  • Automated paid media imports: Pulls in key metrics (impressions, clicks and cost) and measures KPIs between imported media data to GA4 conversion data.

  • Save time: Streamline your digital marketing data with everything in one place.


  • Lost opportunities: No capability for budget optimization or campaign forecasting.

  • Basic reporting: Limited capability for multi-channel reporting.

  • Basic KPI measurement: Limited KPI metrics built in with no custom metrics to create your own.

  • No historical data: Two separate accounts for previous Universal Analytics data.

  • Waste time: Run multiple reports to answer one question.

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“By streamlining automated reporting and providing actionable insights, we are empowering our team and clients to make data-driven decisions that will propel their success.”

Ian Hyde, Head of Digital Performance