Join our breakfast workshop

Harnessing AI For Your Agency’s & In-House Team’s Success

Lunio, 4th Floor, Hyphen Building, 75 Mosley Street, Manchester. M2 3HR
  • Thursday 8th June 2023 8.30am-10.30am

  • 10 mins walk from Manchester Piccadilly Train Station.

Meet our expert speakers and panel

AI is here to stay. The question is, are you ready for it?

Join us for a breakfast workshop where industry experts will help to distil the noise around AI and offer some practical advice and food for thought (over a breakfast sandwich) about how AI can help you and your agency or in-house team.

During this two-hour session, we will give you use cases of AI in agencies and in-house teams, and uncover how you too can harness these new technologies.

The session will end with an expert panel discussion offering practical strategies for using AI in your agency, and how to stay ahead of the curve and help you to grow and scale in 2023.

Roy Murphy – Keynote Speaker

Roy, the founder of Synthetic, specialises in helping brands navigate the ever-changing landscape of emerging technologies such as generative AI, synthetic media, and voice and chat.  Additionally, Roy has set up ACCLR8R, a platform that combines podcasts, newsletters, and live events to assist businesses in staying up-to-date with the latest trends.

During his keynote presentation, Roy will address the current hype surrounding AI and share insights into existing use cases and provide valuable tips, advice, and recommended resources for staying informed and keeping pace with this rapidly evolving field.

Fun fact: Roy can complete a Rubik’s cube in under 1 minute – let’s hope he brings one along with him!

Join your agency/in-house peers plus our experts to discuss the future of AI.

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