BOSCO™ Affiliate Program for Agencies

You want to grow your business faster and help your clients grow too.

Are you facing these challenges for your clients?

Find out how BOSCO™ can help you overcome these challenges.

Allocating budget

BOSCO™ can help you predict and plan where to spend clients’ marketing budget for the best return.

Generating sales

BOSCO™ explores where potential sales and revenue opportunities lie in both existing and untapped channels.

Channel attribution

BOSCO™ identifies which channels, in both organic and paid search, are the best performers for your clients.

How can BOSCO™ help me as an agency?

BOSCO™ displays your clients’ organic and paid search metrics on one platform and identifies which are the best performing channels.

The multi-scenario simulator explores where to allocate additional budget from your client. Sophisticated data models provide an optimal budget split to explore how different spends will work out.

BOSCO™ uses third-party data and machine learning to estimate your clients’ search metrics, in order to identify where potential revenue opportunities lie.

Ask BOSCO™ which channels work best for your website…