Who are BOSCO™?

BOSCO™ has been developed by a team of leading e-commerce practitioners, global digital marketing specialists and some of the most experienced data scientists in the world. 

Trusted data partners

Where it all started

We believe that online marketing and advertising is clouded by a sea of pain points – with multiple contradictory sources of data. Online retailers needed a toolset that eliminates both the complexity of online media and the confusion caused by competition between the different options.

Marketing decisions are now data-driven – we developed BOSCO™ to enable marketers to make accurate decisions when it comes to spending budget.

Global data and marketing team

BOSCO™ was designed and created by a team of leading digital marketing specialists, software developers and data scientists. Our team are based around the world, with offices in the UK, US, Prague and Melbourne.

A combined experience of over 50 years, with master’s certificates and a PhD in statistics, we have some of the best and most trusted data scientists in the world.

Meet the BOSCO™ team

John Readman

CEO & Founder

Zdenek Burda

Chief Technology Officer

Emily Hakner

Associate Director of Product

Michael Thompson

Lead Data Scientist

Daniel Akers

Performance Director

Louis Pasquier

Client Success Executive

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