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ASK BOSCO® – AI powered reporting and forecasting for agencies & retailers2024-03-19T12:36:28+00:00

AI powered reporting and forecasting for agencies and retailers.

ASK BOSCO® connects all your data for easy reporting and predicts where to allocate your media spend for maximum return, enabling you to plan budgets and forecast your future performance with 96% accuracy.
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ASK BOSCO® combines your internal marketing data with extensive algorithmic modelling to create personalized reporting dashboards.

Our easy to use interface provides a single source of truth and enables marketers to make better digital marketing spend decisions using data driven insights.

Forecast future performance with 96% accuracy.

Stop using ‘gut feel’ and start making data-driven forecasting decisions. With standard accuracy rates of 96%, you can forecast with confidence. ASK BOSCO® uses statistical modelling and advanced machine learning to create recommended media budget plans for success – whether that’s next week, or next year.

Unlock insights into your organic and paid media performance, for opportunities to increase revenue, grow your online footprint and outpace your competitors. The ASK BOSCO® Index gives you and your competitors a score between 0-1000, using reputable third party data to track digital interactions.

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